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We pride ourselves on being able to offer a unique selection of instruments when compared with the guitar mega-stores and the online masses.

We carry a good selection of new guitars from a range of brands (although prefer to go with boutique rather than mass market!) and place a massive emphasis on affordability and playability versus logos on a headstock!

One of our key points of attraction is our exclusive range of used guitars, many of which are sold on a private commission basis, allowing for a unique buying / collecting experience. You simply will not find a selection similar to ours in one place.

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Double Slit Guitars

We're proud to partner with Luke Sedman who has long worked as part of the team as an expert luthier and repair guru - we were only too happy to help this talented professional gain the accolade he deserves when he launched his own unique hand crafted brand, Double Slit Guitars.

These highly sought after instruments are "order only" with an estimated two year waiting list although we're pleased to stock a prototype range, exclusively for sale at RGs.