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Repairs & Service

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Even if you reckon there's no hope, don't just bin it - we're "Axe Medics" and like to save a life where we can!

Don't fret at a chip, snap or crack in your guitar - if it's fixable, we'll fix it!

From snapped headstocks to cracked necks, sometimes damage to your guitar goes from giving it character to making it unplayable. We're here to get you strumming again, without breaking the bank! It's better for the planet too..

We keep it in house and we've been doing this for years and have the skills needed to ensure your instrument receives the best attention possible and is playing like new in no time.

Amps too - if you plug it in or strum it or both, whatever the damage, give us call !

Some of the areas we've helped heartbroken guitar owners with!..

  • Headstock cracks
  • Headstock snaps
  • Body repair
  • Guitar restoration
  • Total rebuilds
  • Amps,pre amps and electrics

Our team always look forward to a challenge, so please feel free to bring your instrument in today and we'll aim to have it back in your hands at its best in no time and for a price that you won't find with the big boys who just don't have the expertise in house and have to involve 3rd parties.